Automobile Accidents

Attorney Robert Phillips has been representing individuals and families who have suffered wrongful death and personal injuries resulting from automobile accidents and transportation collisions for over twenty-five years. Many motor vehicle collisions involve straightforward issues related to a motorists' failure to comply with traffic signals, speed restrictions or the general failure to exercise reasonable care in the operation of a vehicle. However, many cases require in-depth investigation and coordination with accident reconstruction experts, involving crush-point analysis with utilization of computer re-creation simulation.

Robert B. Phillips & Associates, LLC works closely with some of the nations leading experts in presenting evidence in transportation cases involving heavy equipment tractor/trailers and railroad crossing collisions. These cases often involve complex analysis of the maintenance and operation of commercial vehicles and locomotives.

The investigation of vehicular and heavy equipment collisions may require the preservation of time-critical evidence which should be promptly secured. The failure to take immediate steps to preserve evidence can result in difficulty proving claims for injuries or wrongful death. Individuals or families involved in serious vehicular collisions should promptly retain legal counsel for the purpose preserving any necessary evidence.