Defective & Dangerous Products

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission weakened reporting regulations upon manufactures, which required the reporting of information related to potentially dangerous or deadly products. "The move eliminates a key incentive for corporations to act responsibly and represents a backward step in the effort to protect the American public," said the Executive Director for the Association of Trial Lawyers of America.

Attorney Robert Phillips represents individuals who have suffered serious personal injury or death related to unreasonably dangerous or defective products. Mechanical Engineers and/or design expert witnesses are often utilized to establish when dangerous or defective products are responsible for causing serious injuries or death.

Mr. Phillips secured over 3 million dollars of present and future payments, on behalf of a child who was struck in the eye by an air-powered toy rocket. Although the product was the subject of litigation through the country, Mr. Phillips was the first attorney to research the origin of the product and locate the inventor of the product. Through these efforts, it was discovered that the inventor's product was originally designed and marketed as a 'hobby shop" product with an age restriction of "12 and up". Further, the original instructions and box required the use of construction grade eye protection. Mr. Phillips' investigation revealed that the company's new owners intentionally removed the eye protection warnings, lowered the age restriction, and marketed the product through major retail and toy stores to young children.

As a result of Mr. Phillips' efforts and the litigation, the dangerous product was removed from the shelves of many major retail stores. The settlement was the highest recovery in Illinois for a non-blinding eye injury.