Medical Malpractice

An Institute of Medicine Report revealed that medical errors cause between 44,000 and 98,000 deaths each year in American hospitals. According to this study, between 120 and 268 people die each day in America as a result of medical negligence. The New England Journal of Medicine concluded that based upon the IOM Report, hospitals and the healthcare profession should be working to make hospitals safer.

Attorney Robert Phillips has been representing individuals and families in complex medical malpractice matters for over twenty-five years. He has been successful in securing record-setting jury verdicts and record-setting settlements on behalf of his clients.

Mr. Phillips' results include a settlement which exceeded 4 million dollars on behalf of a woman who suffered a bowel perforation during a laparoscopic procedure. This recovery ranked among the highest settlements in Will County, Illinois.

Mr. Phillips secured the highest jury verdict in the history of The State of Illinois, for all breast implant surgery cases, on behalf of a woman who sustained disfiguring injuries resulting from improper surgical technique.

Attorney Robert Phillips works closely with many of the nations most respected physicians and medical experts in representing individuals and families with serious and meritorious medical malpractice claims.