Transportation & Railroad Accidents

While many passenger vehicle collisions involve less complex issues regarding fault, accidents involving large commercial trucks and railroad crossing train collisions often require expert forensic investigation related to hydraulic braking systems, event data recorders, (i.e. Black Box information) review of driver log information, and skid mark and crush point analysis.  Railroad crossing collisions often involve civil engineering analysis and the analysis of the design of the crossing and adequacy of warning devices.

Attorney Robert Phillips has represented individuals and families throughout the United States in cases involving negligent operation of tractor-trailers, negligent operation of train locomotives and unsafe railroad crossings lacking adequate warning devices.  Mr. Phillips has been featured on NBC Television in a multi-part "Unit 5 Investigation" related to dangerous railroad crossings and featured in Reader's Digest Magazine in relation to a high-speed fatal collision at an Amtrak railroad crossing which did not have any automatic warning devices in place.